Wind Tunnel Testing For The World’s Largest Office Building

Surat Diamond Bourse, India The Surat Diamond Bourse is a remarkable structure that redefines architectural possibilities and a symbol of contemporary architecture and engineering. Emerging as the world’s largest office building, surpassing even the Pentagon in size, this remarkable structure redefines architectural boundaries. Comprising a sequence of nine interconnected rectangular modules that radiate from a […]

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Helmholtz Resonance Effects in Buildings

Imagine you are on the couch, watching your television, and suddenly the balcony door and adjacent façade behind you start banging loudly and then soon after the television starts to wobble and the internal partitions start vibrating. This is what it is like to experience the Helmholtz effect. You may be surprised to hear that […]

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Wind Tunnel Studies Of Structural Loads On Tall Buildings: An Overview Of The Different Techniques

Buildings of different heights and shapes require different approaches when it comes to selecting the appropriate technique used for wind tunnel testing to determine the wind actions on the structure. When we need to bake a cake and we do not use a frying pan and we do not use an oven to make scrambled […]

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How To Reduce The Cost Of Construction By 10-20% Without Impacting Quality.

Large construction projects are challenging enough without having to now navigate the recent increases in the cost of materials and labour. The cost of construction is one of the biggest challenges that developers face today, especially given the current global economic conditions. However, there is a little-known solution that can help to reduce the cost […]

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3 Tips to Minimise the Risk of Wind Mitigations Impacting your Project’s Timeline & Budget 

Wind studies for building construction projects can take on different forms depending on their purpose. Some studies aim to ensure the structural integrity of tall buildings against extreme weather conditions like typhoons or hurricanes. Others may focus on mitigating the impact of wind from a serviceability point of view i.e. wind induced noise and wind […]

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