Global Wind Engineering Consultants Leading The Way With World Class Wind Tunnel Testing Facilities & Computational Fluid Dynamics

Windtech Consultants is an industry-leading, global wind engineering consultancy firm specializing in providing studies of dynamic wind actions on structures and façades, bridge aerodynamics studies, and environmental wind studies using world-class wind tunnel testing facilities to carry out wind tunnel testing.
Windtech also undertakes the modelling of various aspects relating to environmental effects and Building Physics using Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD modelling. Other services include Sustainable Design and Remote Monitoring services. Over the last 30+ years, Windtech’s highly skilled team of wind engineers have developed a close synergy with some of the most successful developers, building and project managers, architects, and structural and façade engineers from around the world.


Advanced Wind Engineering Research and Development

Through a culture of continual research and development since its inception in 1991, Windtech’s senior wind engineering team members have brought about significant advances in various aspects of Wind Engineering. Including the analysis of the wind-induced responses of complex building structures, wind noise in buildings, effective natural ventilation design, and remote monitoring of the dynamic behaviour of structures, to name a few.

Windtech’s experienced wind engineering consultants continue to adopt a flexible and progressive approach to engineering problems with the core objective of creating innovative and robust engineering solutions that positively impact the design process, significantly reducing overheads to owners and operators.


Our Global Technical Support for Wind Engineering

Windtech has built up a global presence with technical support in 9 offices spread across the globe. We can support you globally with a portfolio of over 3,000 major building projects across 35+ countries. Our extensive wind study portfolio has been a testament to the dedication of our team of senior wind engineers having over 150 years of combined experience in wind engineering research and its practical applications.

Windtech’s senior wind engineers are actively involved on standards and technical review committees and have contributed to developing standards and guidelines relating to wind engineering, wind tunnel testing, and CFD.


Leading the Development of Computational Fluids Dynamics in Wind Engineering

Windtech’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) expertise is world-leading. Windtech was the first company to align with new regulations in London, UK and New York, USA and undertook regular validation of its CFD against wind tunnel data to ensure the most robust and reliable results.

CFD modelling is primarily used to analyze wind microclimate and shape optimisation for structural responses. Windtech’s deep knowledge of CFD has also enabled it to harness its effectiveness for sustainable design. Such uses include studies to assess air quality, thermal comfort, stack effects and wind-driven rain, snow or sand accumulation. Windtech also use CFD in hybrid analysis, combining data from wind tunnel testing and CFD to give clients the best of both techniques.
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Windtech Consultants have proudly assisted with many prestigious, well known projects around the world, including:

Disney’s New Headquarters In New York City (4 Hudson Square)
Windtech Consultants were proud to be involved in numerous elements of 4 Hudson Square, New York project, now home to Walk Disney’s Headquarters. Our extensive experience in wind tunnel testing and our latest advancements in applying computational fluid dynamics allowed us to demonstrate how valuable these studies can be on projects aiming for sustainable, efficient, safe, and robust design.
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The Proposed, Foster + Partners Designed “Tulip” Building In London
Windtech Consultants engaged as a critical wind engineer on the proposed Foster + Partners designed “Tulip” building in London, UK. The study was undertaken using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software.

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The Recently Opened $6billion Resorts World In Las Vegas, USA
Windtech provided their wind engineering expertise to the recently opened $ 6 billion Resorts World in Las Vegas, USA. Windtech carried out numerous wind studies on this landmark development, including investigations of wind-induced structural loads; cladding pressure; noise; thermal stack effect and air quality.

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Jewel Changi Airport In Singapore and Jakarta International Stadium
Windtech was honoured to work at Jewel Changi Airport. Our wind engineers developed an in-house reflectivity analysis technique to analyze solar light reflectance associated with the glass biosphere structure of the airport.

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Mission statement:

  • To offer an exceptional level of service to our clients.
  • Always putting our client’s needs and interests first.
  • Advance the wind engineering profession to improving safety and efficiency of structures.
  • Develop innovative ways to ensure safe and comfortable environments within and around buildings.


Need help with an upcoming project? Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated Global Wind Engineering team, who will gladly assist. With offices in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia, London, UK, and Mumbai, India. New York & Miami, USA, Dubai, Hong Kong & Singapore, we guarantee to support you wherever you are based.


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