3 Tips to Minimise the Risk of Wind Mitigations Impacting your Project’s Timeline & Budget 

Wind studies for building construction projects can take on different forms depending on their purpose. Some studies aim to ensure the structural integrity of tall buildings against extreme weather conditions like typhoons or hurricanes. Others may focus on mitigating the impact of wind from a serviceability point of view i.e. wind induced noise and wind […]

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How to Leverage The Best Of Both Wind Tunnel Testing And CFD

Building design and construction is a complicated process that includes a variety of variables and elements that must be taken into account to ensure performance, comfort and safety. The evaluation of wind loads on buildings and structures, which can significantly affect their stability, performance and overall efficiency, is one of the most crucial steps. They […]

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Windtech’s New Blockage Tolerant Wind Tunnel

Windtech Consultants are pleased to announce the successful reconfiguration of its third wind tunnel test section to be blockage tolerant. Various codes of practice recommend limiting the blockage in the wind tunnel due to the effect of the model to within 8% or 10% to avoid distortion of the flow around the study building and […]

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Project Feature: Lisbon Street, Leeds

The emphasis has grown on ensuring safe and comfortable wind conditions in Leeds, due to the unfortunate death of an individual in 2011 when strong winds toppled a lorry near Bridgewater Place. While this may not relate directly to wind comfort or safety due to an individual’s direct exposure to wind, it highlights that the […]

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Structural Health Monitoring from the Cloud

How global warming is impacting existing infrastructures and what we can do about it? Global warming can be defined as the rise of the average global temperature. Over the last three decades we have witnessed a constant increase in the global temperature of land and ocean which has caused changes in atmospheric moisture and rainfall. […]

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