Dr Nicholas Truong to Present at 8th Annual Vertical Cities Conference

Posted on March 8, 2019




Windtech Director, Dr. Nicholas Truong, presented yesterday on how Windtech is able to achieve high accuracy for modelling complex flow phenomena in buildings using a Hybrid approach, combining the strengths of both Wind Tunnel and CFD Modelling.
Nick highlighted how this approach was crucial for a number of international projects. Dr Nicholas’ ongoing involvement in collaborative research with Universities and industry as well as Windtech staff’s advanced skills in both Wind Tunnel and CFD modelling has led to significant advances in modelling capabilities in the various aspects of building physics.




Nicholas talk covers the following topics:

  • Why not adopting a hybrid approach can significantly impact accuracy and efficiency
  • Why the hybrid approach is essential for complex built forms and effects such as stack effects in tall building, thermal effects and wind/thermal comfort in semi-open spaces
  • Application to mixed mode ventialtion
  • Case studies of Resort World, Las Vegas and Greenland Centre, Sydney

The conference is currently taking place in Singapore. Nicholas would be happy to discuss ways Windtech can help overcome challenges for your current and future projects.

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