Outsmarting the Wind – Tony Rofail to present at the 7th Annual Vertical Cities Conference

Posted on February 22, 2018


Windtech’s Principal and Director, Tony Rofail, will present at the 7th Annual Vertical Cities conference, broaching on the topic of “Outsmarting the Wind,” where he will present cost effective strategies to enhance the aerodynamic performance of tall buildings. The presentation will draw on Tony’s depth of experience in research and industry specific expertise having headed Windtech Consultants for over 25 years.

Tony will be covering the following topics:
• The effect of different wind climates on shape optimisation strategies
• When it is feasible to modify dynamic properties to enhance aerodynamic performance for tall buildings.
• Cost effective strategies for auxiliary damping for tall buildings.

These topics are designed to aid in the accomplishment of one of the conferences goals: overcoming the challenges in developing vertically integrated supertall buildings.

The conference invites industry experts from around the world and will be taking place between the 7-9th of March in Bangkok. Tony would be happy to meet at this event to discuss ways Windtech can help overcome challenges for your current and future projects. Alternatively you may contact Tony via email via the hyperlink below.

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