Kuzu Oran Mixed Use Project, Ankara


Kuzu Oran Mixed Use Project, Ankara

Windtech Consultants carried out the wind tunnel testing for the Kuzu Oran mixed use project located in Ankara, Turkey. The development, which spans 30,655m2, consists of a the main 57 level high-rise residential tower as well as a 12 level loft apartment building and 7 levels of linear offices and studio flats sitting above the retail ground floor.Working with Plan Project Management and Consultancy Co., Windtech undertook the wind-induced structural loads and building motion study the advanced high frequency pressure integration (HFPI) technique for the high-rise residential tower. The wind tunnel study enabled a reduction in the design wind loads acting on the structure when compared to various international standards, enabling notable cost savings for the client.

Furthermore a façade cladding pressure study for the entire development was carried out in addition to a pedestrian wind environment comfort study. A pollution dispersion study was carried out for the various exhaust to ensure there was no recirculation of odours to the retail areas and residential apartments.

Expected to be completed in last 2018, the Kuzu Oran will be the first mixed-use building in Ankara to receive LEED Gold Certification and is sure to be a spectacular addition to the city’s skyline.

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