Capital Plaza

Middle East and Africa

Capital Plaza, Abu Dhabi

An extensive study of the local wind climate indicated that this region is dominated by synoptic winds at serviceability situations, while storms dominated the ultimate design loads.A façade pressure study was undertaken for the 5-tower project in Abu Dhabi known as Capital Plaza. This was a detailed study involving the use of risk analysis to determine the effect of the openings in the façade on the internal pressures and ultimately the net facade and internal wall pressures.

A structural loads and building motion study was also undertaken using a high-frequency force balance. This test enables an accurate and definitive determination of the wind loads on the structural frame and a set of equivalent-static load cases for the five towers. Three of these towers were structurally linked (refer to picture). Windtech Consultants used their rigorous approach in the analysis of the wind tunnel results that can cater for towers that have very complex structural behaviour, including linked tower buildings. This technique required tests to be carried out simultaneously for the three interlinked towers.

The methodology developed by Windtech Consultants for linked tower buildings is currently the most advanced in the world and has been successfully used on the Capital Plaza linked tower project in Abu Dhabi. The study also provided an assessment of occupant comfort due to building motion against 5 different criteria.