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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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The PSPF Towers development is a two tower development located within Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. A detailed analysis was undertaken to determine the regional wind climate for the Dar Es Salaam region based on meteorological data from Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar International Airports. A further analysis was also undertaken to consider a super-station and compared against a Level I and Level II region, due to the locality of Dar Es Salaam between the severe winds produced by tropical cyclones and the low extreme winds that occur in Equatorial regions.

The wind tunnel analysis was undertaken to account for the existing surrounding buildings as well as the effect of the proposed future buildings on the development. Due to the distance and sizing of the proposed future buildings, there was a minimal difference noted in the measured wind loads on the two buildings. It was however noted that there was a considerable cross-wind response generated by both the commercial and residential tower. This was noted to be due to the locality of the two buildings with respect to each other, as well as the overall form of the buildings.

The façade cladding pressure study was also undertaken to accurately measure the wind induced pressures exerted on the façade of the overall development. This enabled the interference effects of one tower on the other to be accounted for, and also enabled the design pressures to be optimised when compared to the code prediction.