970 Denny Way, Seattle

USA and Canada

970 Denny Way, Seattle

Located in Seattle at 970 Denny Way, Windtech Consultants were appointed by Holland Partner Group as part of the design process to carry out the wind engineering services for the proposed 40 story development. Designed by Weber Thompson, the tower is projected to be residential in nature and provide up to 468 apartments.

The tower is composed of two major, contrasting vertical elements that help to slenderize and break down the mass into an elegant, layered composition of alternating glass colors. Windtech Consultants undertook a wind-induced structural loads and building motion study, façade cladding pressure study and pedestrian wind comfort study to ensure the building complied with developmental standards.

As a result of the Pedestrian Wind Environment Study, Windtech were able to identify that some locations near the main corners of the tower (or podium) were exposed to relatively strong winds which were accelerated around the building corners and did not achieve appropriate wind conditions. Recommendations by Windtech including privacy screens, dense landscaping areas, impermeable balustrades and high dense shrubs in select areas would mitigate the adverse wind conditions and therefore should achieve suitable wind conditions for their intended uses.