Pedestrian Wind Environment Study 150 The Donway Toronto


In the bustling hub of North York’s Don Mills area, the 150 The Donway West and 4 Overland Drive project responds to the increased housing demand in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Akelius’ plan to develop two new residential buildings on this site required a meticulous approach to align the design with existing structures while meeting contemporary demands.

Rendering of the proposed development, looking northeast from Paperbirch Drive (Diamond Schmitt Architects)

Design and Integration

The two new mid-rise buildings were strategically integrated with the existing architecture, utilising brick to blend harmoniously while introducing modern elements like glass and metallic features. Additional underground parking and a central courtyard are aimed to meet the rental market demands and enhance the surrounding ground and below-grade conditions.

The Role of Windtech

As part of the city’s site plan approval requirements, Windtech conducted a pedestrian wind environment study. Wind is crucial for human comfort, especially in outdoor public spaces. This wind study focused on ensuring that the wind conditions within and around the site aligned with acceptable comfort criteria across all seasons.

The Need for a Pedestrian Wind Study

The location and height of the development triggered the necessity for such a wind study. Windtech utilised physical scale model Wind Environment Study testing in the wind tunnel, instrumenting the critical outdoor areas with wind speed sensors to accurately determine wind speeds for different test scenarios. These test scenarios evaluated the impact of existing and proposed development conditions on pedestrian wind comfort.

Insights and Mitigation Measures

The results were mostly within acceptable limits; however, areas exceeding comfort criteria were identified, and Windtech proposed mitigation measures such as architectural additions and landscaping to alleviate excessive wind effects without compromising the aesthetic and structural integrity of the buildings.


Windtech’s involvement in this project showcases its commitment to ensuring urban developments align with comfort and safety standards. With an expanded presence in Toronto, Windtech offers wind environment studies for new developments, ensuring compliance with municipal requirements.

The wind environment study conducted by Windtech for the 150 The Donway West and 4 Overland Drive project stands as a testament to the meticulous approach necessary for urban development. It ensures compliance with city requirements and prioritises the comfort and safety of pedestrians and occupants.

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