The Independent, Austin, Texas

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The Independent, Austin, Texas
Wind Engineering Studies for Tallest Residential Tower West of the Mississippi River.

The Independent, a joint venture to be developed by Aps Heights and Constructive Ventures Incorporated on the corner of Third Street & West Avenue in the Austin, Texas, will be the tallest residential building west of the Mississippi river. Windtech Consultants, have been involved with conducting extensive wind engineering services and analyses in regards to this particular design, for the projects architect, Rhode Partners.

Performing a range of wind tests and studies, Windtech has been able to provide insight and advice in consideration to the overall design and planned construction of the building. The tests performed, included but are not limited to the damper performance, coordination of the development, and also dynamic analysis, onsite measurement and design calibrations.

The Independent, once completed its construction, will stand to be a 209 metre (685 foot) building, consisting of 58 floors. The tower boasts to be the tallest residential construction on the west side of the Mississippi. The building itself, has been designed to house 370 condominiums, that will vary from 1 to 3 bedroom in size. The structure will also contain various ground floor retail outlets on a reasonably small 1.7 acre vicinity, with the building amenities expected to occupy two complete floors.

Rhodes Partners’ have architecturally designed this particular project with inspiration that they say embodies “Austin’s bold and innovative spirit” with the aim of satisfying a particularly wide spread demographic, whilst locals nicknaming it “the jenga tower” for the strong resemblance its design has to the game.

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