CFD – Wind Tunnel Testing – Lisbon Street, Leeds, UK

Wind Tunnel Testing And Wind Consultant In UK

Detailed Study Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) And Wind Tunnel Testing

Lisbon Street, Leeds

The emphasis has grown on ensuring safe and comfortable wind conditions in Leeds, due to the unfortunate death of an individual in 2011 when strong winds toppled a lorry near Bridgewater Place. While this may not relate directly to wind comfort or safety due to individuals’ direct exposure to wind, it highlights that the built form and urban landscape can cause adverse accelerated winds that are in some circumstances strong enough to move heavy objects. The latest guidelines introduced in July 2021, are the most stringent in the UK and possibly the world, with all buildings in the City over 15m requiring quantitative analysis. This means a study using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) or Wind Tunnel Testing is required.

Windtech Consultants are the key consultant providing detailed wind microclimate assessments for the Lisbon Street masterplan in Leeds. This £300 million mixed-used scheme sits on the former international swimming pool site and gained full planning in 2021. The project is developed by Marrico Asset Management and Helios Real Estate, the design is by DLA Architecture and Curtins is onboard as the Structural Consultant. There are four high-rise buildings which will include 600 build to rent flats in 33 and 22-storey towers, student accommodation in a 24-story tower and further space for hotels and offices.

Windtech has assisted during the design and planning application phase of the project. Given its height and scale, the Leeds Guidelines require wind engineering in the form of both CFD and wind tunnel testing for Pedestrian Wind Microclimate comfort and safety. Windtech Consultants, with world-leading expertise in both of these fields, has undertaken both CFD and Wind tunnel testing on the project. The tests have been carried out in line with the City requirements and winds that were exceeding recommended comfort and safety levels were identified. For these areas, treatments were recommended and a series of further testing has been undertaken to reduce the impact of adverse winds to acceptable levels. These treatments have included the strategic planting of trees and shrubs and impermeable screens and balustrades at various locations around the development.

Through this project and many others in the city of Leeds, Windtech now has a great deal of experience working with the Leeds local authority as well as providing a comfortable and safe environment for pedestrians within and around large developments in the City of Leeds.

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