Pedestrian Wind Environment Study, SOYO Leeds, UK

Pedestrian Wind Environment Study

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Leeds’ cultural district, SOYO Leeds represents a visionary development with a mission to unite with its neighbouring communities in crafting a premier destination for living, working, and visiting within the city. Caddick Developments spearhead this endeavour, poised to etch SOYO Leeds into the city’s map as a benchmark for modern living, diverse dining options, and extensive public green spaces in the heart of Leeds.

Artist’s impression of SOYO in Leeds.

Wind Streamlines

At the forefront of this transformative initiative stands BLOCKS B & C, the Hestia apartments, a pivotal phase of the SOYO neighbourhood, slated for completion in late 2023. Designed by the highly respected DLG Architects of Leeds, this dynamic project comprises two interconnected blocks in the burgeoning city centre district. With planning permission secured for 331 apartments, including a mix of studio, one, two, and three bedroom units, these blocks will also house inviting outdoor courtyards and a 12,000 sq. ft. retail, restaurant, and ground-floor amenity space.

Windtech Consultants has conducted a combination of wind tunnel testing and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to assess wind microclimate for the critical outdoor areas around this landmark development.

A 1:300 scale model of the development and its surroundings was created, and testing was conducted at Windtech’s wind tunnel testing facility. Additionally, several wind environment studies have been undertaken using Windtech’s latest methodologies in CFD. A key element of these wind microclimate assessments was to adhere to the Draft Wind Microclimate Guidelines for Leeds and Windtech has worked closely with the project team to ensure adherence.

Windtech also worked in tandem with the project team to develop recommendations to further improve wind comfort around the development at ground level and on raised levels. As with all projects, various strategies were employed, including retaining or adding vegetation, screens, or architectural elements, to act as effective wind mitigation and ensure all spaces were suitable for their intended use.

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