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Overview Of Wind Study And Wind Tunnel Test Services Provided For Hendon Hub Project

Hendon Hub, London

In some circumstances, it is necessary to carry out desk-based wind engineering analysis for a given site or proposed development. This may be the case for particularly straightforward, low-rise designs in a low-risk location. Or it may be that a preliminary desk-based wind assessment is useful to aid with informing the concept design of a proposed scheme. Whatever the reason, Windtech Consultants has more than 30 years of experience in providing a qualitative assessment of proposed buildings and can assist as required.

For this specific project, Windtech presented an opinion on the likely impact of the proposed Ravens field and Fenella (RFC), Hendon Hub, in London on the local wind environment at the critical outdoor areas within and around the subject site. The effect of wind activity was examined for the predominant wind direction for the region, namely the south-westerly winds. Year-round wind conditions, as well as wind conditions during the summer and winter seasons, are also considered in a desk-based assessment such as this. The analysis of the wind effects relating to the proposed development was carried out in the context of the local wind climate, building morphology and land topography.

Three scenarios were considered: the existing site (existing); the proposed development in existing surrounding buildings (proposed); and the proposed development with future surrounding buildings (cumulative). Results are presented both in a written report and using a coloured plot of the site plan, showing the expected wind category according to Lawson’s Comfort and Safety Criteria.

Following an analysis of the different areas within and surrounding the proposed development, mitigation measures were recommended to improve expected conditions.

Wind Conditions for the Proposed Development (Winter/Worst Season)

Wind Conditions for the Proposed Development (Winter/Worst Season)