Wind Microclimate Assessment For Borough Road

Wind Microclimate Assessment Project In The UK

Overview Wind Microclimate Assessment And Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Services Provided For Borough Road, London, UK


Windtech specialises in harnessing cutting-edge wind engineering techniques to offer tailored solutions for projects in the dynamic city of London. Through the power of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), our expert wind engineers adeptly simulate complex wind flow patterns to provide insights that matter. We recently conducted a comprehensive wind microclimate assessment for a proposed development on Borough Road, London, UK. This development covers approximately 1 hectare and borders Borough Road to the north, Newington Causeway (A3) to the east, and the Blackfriars Overground railway viaduct to the west.

Wind Microclimate Assessment Objective

We performed simulations to precisely gauge the impact of the proposed development on wind pedestrian comfort levels within and around the site. This assessment utilised Computational Wind Engineering (CWE), which employs Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to model a “virtual wind tunnel” and simulate conditions in the vicinity of the site.

Wind’s acceptability varies with usage; while higher wind speeds are tolerable for pedestrians walking or window-shopping, they might not be suitable for those seated at an outdoor restaurant— wind microclimate assessments aim to establish safe pedestrian comfort in outdoor spaces for various activities.

Our initial microclimate assessment revealed that no areas experienced unsafe wind speeds for the public, some areas could be improved concerning the expected comfort levels for the public.

With these wind mitigation strategies integrated into the final design, all outdoor areas within and around the proposed development are expected to align with comfort criteria, ensuring suitability for their intended purposes. Further testing was carried out to ensure the wind mitigation strategies presented were effective.

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