Wind Microclimate Assessment For RAM Brewery

Wind Microclimate Assessment Project In The UK

Wind Microclimate Assessment, RAM Brewery Development, London, UK

RAM Brewery - Wind Tunnel Photo

The RAM Brewery development, situated in the heart of London, is a remarkable endeavour encompassing more than 10,000 square metres of retail, office, and community space, along with 675 residential units. This transformative project, orchestrated by EPR Architects for Greenland, is a harmonious blend of modernity and heritage. The historic Young’’s Ram Brewery, a Grade II* listed building, was preserved and ingeniously repurposed into a craft brewery and heritage centre. This rejuvenated space now houses independent retailers and restaurants, breathing new life into the building’s storied history.

Wind Engineering Methods Implemented:

Windtech Consultants was entrusted with carrying out wind tunnel testing to provide the project with wind-induced structural loads and building accelerations of Building 5 within the RAM Brewery development. The wind tunnel testing was conducted using a 1:400 scale model of the development and our wind engineering experts employed cutting-edge techniques and equipment at our state-of-the-art wind tunnel testing facility. Measurements were taken from 36 wind directions at 10-degree increments, accounting for the effects of nearby buildings and land topography within a 500-meter radius.

High-Frequency Pressure Integration (HFPI): A total of 288 pressure sensors were strategically placed across the tower’s external façade. Wind loads on the tower structure were derived from measured directional pressures, accounting for the façade area and height above the structure’s base.

The RAM Brewery’s unique development demanded innovative solutions. The key objective of this project was historical preservation. Balancing the preservation of the Grade II* listed brewery with modern wind engineering standards required a delicate approach. The project’s location within a bustling urban environment necessitated an in-depth analysis of complex wind patterns influenced by nearby structures. Seamlessly integrating wind engineering solutions into the architectural design while maintaining aesthetics and functionality was our goal.

Collaborating closely with architects and historians, we integrated wind engineering solutions that respected the RAM Brewery’s historical significance. Advanced wind modelling techniques accounted for the intricate urban wind patterns, ensuring occupant comfort.

The RAM Brewery development project stands as a testament to Windtech Consultant’s commitment to enhancing safety, sustainability, and liveability. Our expertise in wind engineering played a crucial role in this transformative endeavour, ensuring the structural integrity of Building 5 and the comfort of its occupants.

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