Case Study – Melbourne Quarter, Victoria Harbour

Wind Environment Study at Melbourne Quarter

Carried Out Extensive Wind Environment Study To Understand The Wind Patterns & Impacts

vic-harbour1Windtech Consultants is proud to have provided the wind engineering services for prominent Victorian development, Melbourne Quarter.  The Lend Lease commissioned project consists of six towers; three commercial and three residential, and is designed for the urban regeneration of the Victoria Harbour precinct, inclusive of the areas adjacent to Southern Cross station such as Batman’s Hill and Docklands. Furthermore, the development aims to improve links between the area and the Melbourne CBD.

Windtech carried out extensive wind environment impact studies for the development. These studies were performed using an innovative boundary layer wind tunnel and a proximity model with a 1:300 detailed scale of the development to analyse the effects of nearby buildings and land topography, representing an area with a radius of 375m.

vic-harbour2Testing indicated that location-specific treatments may be required to achieve the desired wind speed criteria for pedestrian comfort and safety. Recommendations included a porous vertical screening and roof area for the Agora in the Central Plaza area and a 25% porous perforated screen extending from the level above the ground floor on the southern aspect of the tower, to name a few.

Through the implementation of Windtech’s recommendations, it is expected that wind conditions for all outdoor traffic areas within and around the development will be suitable for all intended uses.