Q1 Tower, Gold Coast

Wind Tunnel Study Of Facade Pressures Projects In Australia

Overview Of Facade Pressure Study Done For Q1 Tower, Gold Coast

Q1 Tower, located in the Surfers Paradise in Queensland, is currently Australia’s tallest building at 323m.
A study was carried out to accurately predict the cladding pressures on the building’s façade using a risk analysis approach for the effect of the internal pressures on the net façade pressures. As Surfers Paradise falls within a cyclonic region, both Cyclonic and Non-Cyclonic wind storm scenarios were investigated. For most areas of the buildings facade, the wind tunnel estimates were significantly less than the code’s estimate, particularly along the vertical edges. This is largely attributable to the aerodynamic form of this tower and the rigorous analysis techniques adopted as part of the study. The study included estimation of the design pressures on the significant canopy structure around the base of the tower, as well as the 33m high roof feature. In addition, the effect of the extreme non-cyclonic winds on the differential pressures acting across the inter-tenancy walls and floor slabs was also carried out.
Other studies that were undertaken included a Structural Loads/ Building Motion study to determine the wind loads on the structural framing of the tower and a Pedestrian Wind Environment Study to ensure wind conditions within and around the development were suitable for the intended uses by patrons and pedestrians.