Wind Effects on Buildings

Posted on October 12, 2014


Skyscrapers have become the most common structures in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Some of the largest skyscrapers work as landmarks with larger ones being planned over the next few years. However, cities like Sydney are known to be windy even at particularly calm days down below. High rise constriction workers will tell you that the wind above even during summer can be chilly and very powerful, so it’s obvious that the wind effects the building too. However, as engineers continue to push the boundaries of what is possible the effect of wind on a structure becomes more important which is why wind tunnel testing is so crucial.

How we test building designs

At Windtech we have some of the most experienced engineers who have years of experience testing buildings in wind tunnels working for us. Our job is to rigorously test every building design that comes our way and not only to identify faults or potential problems but also to provide a detailed report which can be used by engineers to further hone a design. It is our experience in this industry and the fact that we have worked around the world on some of the largest buildings to date which allows us to provide a service which is unsurpassed.

Designing a skyscraper is no easy task and building it is a multibillion dollar task but without knowing how wind affects the structure things can be uncertain which is why wind testing is so important. It is also important that the most experienced and knowledgeable team of engineers be put to the task of determining the effect of wind in a particular area on the structure. This is how we can help you regardless of the building you may be in the process of proposing.

We have been studying wind effects on buildings for a very long time and can help you with any building that you’re working on. To find out more about our methodology and feel free to call us on +61-2-9567-0722 or email us today at

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