Wind load response correlation studies (LRC)

Posted on October 12, 2014


At Wind Tech we use the load response correlation which was originally devised by Dr Michael Kasperski and Dr John Holmes to study wind loads on today’s long span roof structures. This is a state of the art approach used to study the overall effect that wind has on structures like these. Projects like the Nanjing Stadium which was the center of attraction at the China Games of 2005 was investigated by Wind Tech to ensure that it could bear the required wind loads. For more dynamic structures, Windtech can also determine the effect of the resonant response.

One of the greatest advantages of using the LRC technique is that it provides very detailed information especially in relation to displacements, stresses, reaction forces and movements all within the structure. More importantly, it enables the most accurate set of load cases for the design in question. This technique helps engineers significantly improve both the efficiency and robustness of the structure supporting a large roof, cantilever or special structure, with significant cost benefits.

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