Hong Kong – Tamar Development Project


Hong Kong – Tamar Development Project

For the Tamar Development (Legislative Council Complex), Windtech Consultants undertook a detailed Topographical Study to account for the significant land topography effects that affect this site. The wind profiles generated from this study was then replicated at the scale used to test the various other scopes detailed below.

A Structural Loads and Building Motion Study for the CGC Office Tower component was undertaken using the High Frequency Force Balance Technique. This test enabled an accurate and definitive determination of the wind loads on the structural frame and a set of equivalent-static load cases for the two towers. The two towers are structurally linked at the upper levels which resulted in a rigorous analysis to determine the effect that the link had on the overall base moments of each tower. This technique required tests to be carried out simultaneously for both towers. The study also provided an assessment of occupant comfort due to building motion against various suitable criteria.

Additional studies were also undertaken to determine the structural loads on the low-rise structures including bridges of the development. This was undertaken utilising the Load Response Correlation Technique.

A Façade Cladding Pressure Study was undertaken to determine the design pressures for the external cladding and canopies of the development. This was a detailed study involving the use of risk analysis to determine the effect of the openings in the façade on the internal pressures and ultimately the net facade and internal wall pressures. As components of the development were proposed to be built in phases, this study was undertaken for four different built stages to determine the worse-case pressure scenario for the development.