Wind Engineering Wave City, Noida, India

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Wave City, Noida, India

Spanning across Sectors 25A and 32 in Noida, Wave City Center is a 152-acre development with more than 40 residential and commercial towers including an iconic supertall that acts as the centrepiece of the masterplan.

Windtech Consultants have had the privilege of being a key consultant with respect to wind engineering services for the project, assisting during the masterplan phase.

Wind engineering implementation flow:

  • All ground level areas within and around the development were assessed for pedestrian comfort and safety. Preliminary recommendations to improve conditions were provided.
  • Structural loads & building motion desktop estimates were undertaken to assist with preliminary structural design.
  • Natural ventilation desktop estimates for typical residential buildings within the development were undertaken to facilitate a higher percentage of dwellings achieving adequate natural ventilation.

During the detailed design phase, more in-depth studies using wind tunnel modelling were conducted on a phase-by-phase basis as the design of each building was developed. This included structural loads & building motion studies and façade cladding pressure studies using our advanced measurement system.

A pedestrian wind comfort study was also conducted to define the wind speeds more accurately in all critical outdoor areas (balconies, rooftop terraces etc.). For each building within the development site recommendations for wind mitigation were provided such as strategic planting of trees and shrubs or the erection of screens, baffles and/or awnings.

Windtech’s very own wind tunnel testing facilities simulate the wind environment around buildings and structures, providing crucial data that helps our clients optimize building designs for maximum energy efficiency and occupant comfort. We also use wind tunnel tests to identify and address potential wind-related risks, such as wind-induced vibration and structural fatigue.

As global leading wind engineering consultants, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver customized solutions that meet their requirements as demonstrated in the wind engineering services carried out at Wave City, Noida, India.

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