About Us

About Us

preview1WINDTECH Consultants is an industry leading, global consultancy firm specializing in providing wind engineering, Building Physics and Computational Modelling, Sustainable Design, and Remote Monitoring services to owners, developers, architects, structural and façade engineers around the world.

Through a culture of continual research and development, WINDTECH group has built in-house capabilities across the broad spectrum of service offerings. WINDTECH staff continue to adopt a flexible and progressive approached to engineering problems with the core objective of creating innovative, robust, and accurate engineering solutions that positively impact the design process an reduce overheads to owners and operators.

Since the company’s inception back in in 1991 WINDTECH has built up a global presence with technical support offices in 8 locations, and a portfolio of over 3,000 major building projects across 35+ countries. This has been testament to the dedication of key staff having 150+ years of combined experience in research, practical application and business operations.

WINDTECH’S contribution extends beyond the office door with members actively involved on standards committees, technical review committees and have been instrumental in contributing to the development of standards and guidelines within key engineering disciplines.

WINDECH wind engineering and bridges division maintains one of the largest boundary layer wind tunnel labs in the world with a total of 3 wind tunnels under one roof. WINDTECH’S building physics and Computational Modelling division has also developed significant capabilities using complex custom algorithms while harnessing the power of super computers, which can distribute computations across more than 10,000 CPU cores to ensure competitive lead times.

Central oversight over key divisions within the company has enabled a high level of quality over the results while maintaining consistency in engineering deliverables across the broad spectrum of service offerings. For more information on WINDTECH’s services, visit our Services page.